About Topps Project 2020

Topps baseball cards reimagined by 20 artists.

Andrew Thiele

Andrew Thiele is a multi-disciplined artist based out of NYC. His design studio Artek Creative works within music, fashion, and nightlife, and has collaborated with some of the largest brands in the world. Thiele is recognized among the art world for his large-scale textured paintings, and has had two solo shows and published a book. Instagram: @arteknyc

Ben Baller

“Ben Baller Did The Chain.” The LA-based DJ / producer, actor, and world-renowned jeweler is well known for the extravagant, diamond-encrusted jewelry he creates. Baller’s long list of clients include Kanye West, Drake, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Mariah Carey. Instagram: @benballer

Blake Jamieson

New York pop-portrait artist Blake Jamieson works with celebrities, professional athletes, and tech founders to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind works of art. Jamieson’s collectors include Howie Mandel, Rick Harrison, Gary Vaynerchuk, and over 350 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Instagram: @athlete.portraits

Don C

Don Crawley, known professionally as Don C, is an American streetwear designer from Chicago. In 2009 he cofounded (with fashion designer Virgil Abloh) conceptual retail chain RSVP Gallery. Don founded the luxury sports apparel brand Just Don in 2011 and has since collaborated with Jordan, Nike, Levi’s and American Express. Instagram: @chicagodonc


Eric Friedensohn aka Efdot is a Brooklyn-Based artist who specializes in site-specific murals and hand-drawn art. He champions an abstract-meets-figurative style for his vivid and whimsical compositions, and has spearheaded collaborations with brands like WeWork and Madewell. Instagram: @efdot


Paris-based artist and illustrator Ermsy re-invents classic cartoon characters in his imaginative work. Ermsy’s graphic exploration of pop culture uses popular cartoons in the same way that graffiti writers use letters. Ermsy transports characters from their familiar cartoon universes and into his own topsy-turvy and smoke-filled world. Instagram: @ermsy


Fucci is a Finnish-Canadian artist internationally recognized for his vibrant post-pop paintings and ligne-claire style illustrations. Fucci’s works are enjoyable and colorfully bold. A vibrant color palette and minimalist approach results in thought provoking works that touches upon perversion with wit and unexpected sophistication. Instagram: @fucci

Gregory Siff

Brooklyn born, LA-based artist Gregory Siff is renowned for his blend of Pop Art and Abstract-expressionism. His work exhibits meaning that is literal yet open for interpretation of nostalgia and childhood. Siff has collaborated with Saint Laurent, Mercedes Benz, MLB, Stance, Pyer Moss and Adidas among many other global brands. Instagram: @gregorysiff


Swiss born, Belgian trained graphic designer, artist and Creative Director, Kimou Meyer (aka Grotesk) has worked with almost all the key players in New York’s brand underground, as well as major sports leagues, drawing on his classical training and outsider’s perspective to develop an iconic language and style. Instagram: @groteskito


Joseph Ari Aloi, aka JK5, is a multidisciplinary artist known for his unbridled creativity and distinct approach to tattooing, design, illustration, painting, type, graphics, writing, and letterforms. He has worked with brands including Nike, Converse, and Kidrobot, while also showing in galleries and publishing three books. Twitter: @josepharialoi

Jacob Rochester

Jacob Rochester is what many may call an artist’s artist. The bi-coastal creative doesn’t just create wonderful illustrations, paintings and graphics, but Rochester also knows a thing or two about producing mesmerizing beats that can easily impress the most dedicated Hip Hop head. Instagram: @jacob_rochester

Joshua Vides

Joshua Vides is a Southern California based illustrator and visual artist. His work defines the premise of pop art through immersive illustrations and a range of limited products. His latest concept, Reality to Idea, highlights the shape and form of objects through a Black & White comic-like perspective. Instagram: @joshuavides

Keith Shore

Keith Shore is the artist behind Mikkeller’s recognizable beer labels. Shore is an Illustrator and Art Director out of Pennsylvania who created the iconic Henry and Sally characters for the world-renowned beer brand. Mikkeller was founded in Denmark and has a U.S. brewery at the Mets home Citi Field in NYC. Instagram: @keithashore

King Saladeen

King Saladeen is a world-renowned contemporary artist from West Philadelphia whose works are exhibited all over the world. King Saladeen is revered for creating the “Money Bear” which pays homage to his childhood friend JP, who he tragically lost in 2013. Instagram: @kingsaladeen

Matt Taylor

UK-based designer and illustrator Matt Taylor well known for his vividly designed film and event posters. His use of color shatters the known universe, bringing his wide array of pop culture subjects alive. His extensive array of clients include 20th Century Fox, Jack White, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pearl Jam, Phish, and Queens of the Stone Age. Instagram: @matttaylordraws

Mister Cartoon

The legendary tattoo and graffiti artist Mister Cartoon creates richly detailed designs that pull much of their inspiration from the Los Angeles of Cartoon’s youth. Along with his work with Nike, Toyota, and Grand Theft Auto, his tattoo clients include Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem, Travis Barker, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé Knowles, Louis Hamilton, and Snoop Dogg. Instagram: @misterctoons


Lawrence Atoigue, professionally known as Naturel, is an illustrative based artist who’s quickly emerged in today’s postmodern scene. His futuristic illustrations have successfully blended methods of Pop and Cubism with a surrealist vison. Instagram: @naturel


Behind-the-scenes tastemaker and incognito arbiter of taste, Oldmanalan has been stealthily propelling streetwear for the past several years. His keen eye for aesthetics and curation has been a long-standing source of captivating content and positioned him as a frontrunner in the streetwear space of social media. Instagram: @oldmanalan

Sophia Chang™

Hailing from Queens, NY, Sophia Chang has championed a name for herself in the art, design and streetwear community, collaborating with Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Apple, the NBA and more. The design of her own collection with Puma touted the brand’s number one grossing lifestyle range and was exhibited at various international museums. Instagram: @esymai

Tyson Beck

Considered an industry leader in the world of sports design, Tyson Beck counts major American leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL clients of his, alongside global brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. Instagram: @tysonbeck